First Communion Party Ideas

Girls Communion Dresses girl in white communion dress

Taking a first communion is a special moment for any child and their family. Because communion is a blessed and sacred event, this is a day to remember, cherish, and commemorate. Help your child celebrate and ensure the day is memorable by organizing a fantastic party to create joyful moments that will last a lifetime. To create the most memorable day for your child, be sure to consider the decor, food choices, and of course, girls’ communion dresses. Each element will play an important role in celebrating this special day.

Party Decorations

When it comes to decor for you child’s first communion party, it’s important to consider any needed decorations. There are plate and napkin options that display crosses or angel imagery to tie in to the event. If you want to make the occasions even more special, you can opt for custom decorations that include your child or family’s favorite bible verse.

Aside from the necessary eating utensils, keep the theme cohesive by picking a kid friendly color palette. This can be done by including your child’s favorite color, but keep colors light and airy. Many families will use white for first communion gatherings, often matching girls’ communion dresses, but keeping the colors pale and muted works well, too. Additional decorations can include garlands, balloons, streamers, or even edible goodies like candy.

Food Fit for All

Food options vary depending on the size of your first communion party. If it’s a smaller group, opt for an actual meal and cake. If you’re group is larger, go for smaller hors d’oeuvres type eats and cupcakes to provide variety and stay budget friendly. Again, keep cake colors to white to match girls’ communion dresses and first communion fashion. The last thing to remember with food is to keep it kid friendly. After all, the star of the party is your little one, so they should enjoy everything on the menu.

Girls Communion Dresses

The star of the party is going to be what your child is wearing. Be sure little gents look spiffy in their Sunday best, and that little ladies are wearing lovely white girls’ communion dresses. This day is all about your little one’s next journey within the church, so be sure she is sporting something appropriate for the occasion that makes her feel special and ready for this next step on her spiritual journey.

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